Option #1


Clients have the option to elect standard purchase terms where they own and receive all rebates and tax credits. Billing typically involves a down payment to start the project with subsequent payments during the completion phase.

Option #2

3rd Party Lease

This leasing option is provided by third-party leasing companies with 3-5 year buyout options. 

Option #3

Maintenance Contract

New installations or retrofits can be built into the cost of a recurring maintenance fee for the facility. This allows our customers to continue on-going service and support while managing budgetary constraints.

Option #4


Also referred to as a Performance Conference, Shared-Savings includes structured payments that come directly from the utility and maintenance operation savings. Typically these payments span over 3-6 years with buyout options for our clients. As the owner of the equipment, ECCI receives credits from utilities, government rebates, and tax credits.