To ensure the best solution for our clients, Energy Control Consultants, Inc (ECCI) follows a thorough, comprehensive process to deliver a control system integration that is best suited for reducing expenses and improving the environment. As a result, our customers experience significant savings that typically cover the entire cost of the installed products and services.


New Construction and Retrofit


ECCI will assist architects, engineers and interior designers by reviewing prints and documenting the landlord, code, and LEED certification requirements. Our engineers will recommend modifications for control integration opportunities in EMCS, lighting control, access control and security systems.  Our objectives are to reduce operating costs and optimize for best management and control practices required for meeting IAQ standards during the facility life cycle.

Our goals for new construction and retrofit are to:

  • Determine best-suited lighting fixtures and control options
  • Identify HVAC equipment specifications and selection
  • Find utility and government credits available for lighting and HVAC designs
  • Establish feasible equipment access for controls and maintenance
  • Apply LEED certification compliance data to verify proper facility operation
  • Add auto-commissioning of facility equipment performance

The facility design objective is to reduce construction expense, and this often takes precedent over the long term operating costs. If a tenant intends to occupy a facility on the basis of a long term lease, the forgoing analysis should be completed in their interest to mitigate operating expenses and provide facility design opportunities in maintenance and energy cost control.


Existing Facilities - Site Survey

Our licensed, professional engineers perform an evaluation of the facility operational costs and/or issues pertaining to the client's concerns.  Typically, this involves:

  • A review of the energy and maintenance cost history over the last 12 months
  • Utility rate structure selection
  • ID power feeds that may be metered improperly by landlord or utility
  • The effectiveness of maintenance service actions and condition of equipment

We assess the feasibility of integrating existing equipment, automation control sequences, HVAC design, energy usage, peak demand trends and other operational processes used for facility maintenance by the organization. Our report will identify opportunities in facility and equipment improvements, including the modification of procedures with maintenance packages. We then establish the Return on Investment (ROI) if capital expenditures are recommended.



ECCI manages the complete system installation from beginning to end by scheduling, dispatching and coordinating all service and equipment components required for each project. Our technicians are certified, vetted and work with our in-house engineers throughout the process to verify connectivity and apply necessary programming to confirm successful functionality of the control system integration. Finally, all systems including lighting, HVAC, security, fire, and energy management are integrated into a web-based portal for easy access and control.



ECCI conducts a complete project commissioning service to assure that all components are installed, tested, operated and maintained according to the control system integration requirements. Our engineers practice specific techniques and procedures to confirm successful operation of every component from individual equipment functions to modules and complex systems. Our main goal is to provide a safe and orderly handover of the control system to the facility owner, and guarantee the quality of performance and reliability.



Our maintenance services provide parts and labor to repair the control system should there be any random failures or calibration issues. ECCI will provide a weekly check of unit status and document any manual overrides to keep facility managers informed of unnecessary usage and energy wasting events. Spare parts are always maintained in inventory for quick repairs when failures occur, and technicians are available for service 24 hours a day.


SEcond Tier Software and Programming Support

For qualifying customers, our analytics team delivers a system of reports to evaluate the performance of each facility in the customer network. These reports provide valuable energy-wasting and safety alerts including:

  1. Lights staying on when the building is unoccupied
  2. Security system unarmed all night
  3. Excessive temperature and lighting overrides
  4. HVAC short cycling
  5. Energy usage profiles, and much more...

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